Jill Stuart Body Balm

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Jill Stuart Body Balm



・Transforms as though breaking down into a liquid once spread onto the skin. An easy to use balm type body beauty lotion that never drips or runs.
・Rich in highly emolliating plant oils and hydrating oils. Brings softness and a deep feeling of moisture to your skin. Also, a veil formed of highly protective and emollient vaseline protects your skin from water loss through perspiration, creating a long-lasting feeling of moisture.
・A design that takes translucent, pure white as its primary color. The label is scattered with a charming pattern of small flowers and highlights of the brand color, pink. The cap, with its motif reminiscent of a diamond, also has a ribbon charm attached at its base.
・Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet.

Directions for use:
・Place an appropriate amount of the product and spread it evenly over your entire body.

Beauty Essences:
・Peach kernel oil, Rosehip oil, Apricot oil, Grape seed oil, Macadamia nut oil

Made in Japan