Jill Stuart Body Powder

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Jill Stuart Body Powder



・Pressed type body powder that spreads silky smoothly and leaves you with soft and gentle skin.
・The full-bodied powder puff provides comfortable, even application, bringing your skin a translucent, fine final impression.
・The veil of powder reduces the stickiness from excess sweat and lipids, maintaining silky skin.
・Can be used while out and about, as well as after taking a bath or before bed.
・Tested for safety on children’s skin. Can also be used by children.
* For ages 3 years and up.
・Contains no artificial colors, and has been tested for causing allergies.
(Some people may still experience an allergic reaction)
・A rounded design with a matte quality, evocative of the product’s gentleness on your skin. Comes with a special powder puff.
・Sweet cotton fragrance, which combines pure sweetness with a powdery feeling.

Directions for use:
・Take a suitable amount on the powder puff and then spread it across your skin.

Beauty essences:
Powder for smooth skin:
・Cotton Powder (Cellulose) 

Made in Japan