Jill Stuart Dressed Rouge

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Jill Stuart Dressed Rouge

For gorgeously smooth and alluring lips that last all day.
Liquid rouge in vivid colors to accent your dress.


01 garnet ring
A deep true red like that of a garnet (non-pearl) ※Main color
02 black dress
A dark red as sexy as a black dress
03 my clutch
A vivid pink as showy as a clutch handbag (non pearl)
04 grace necklace
A brownish red as graceful as an elegant necklace
05 nude tutu
A pink beige as delicate as a tutu
★06 pink pearl earrings
A mauve brown that glistens as mysteriously as a pink pearl


Product features:
・The creamy texture of Smooth Oil lays down true color in just one stroke. It glides on evenly, for a glossy and beautiful finish.
・Hydrating Moist Oil protects lips from dryness and keeps color looking beautiful over many hours.
・Fit Powder seals to lips for a lasting finish with vivid color.
・Sensual Crystal Floral fragrance.

Comes in a glossy, jet-black container inspired by a black dress. One side is decorated with a crystal-cut design, letting the color of the rouge show through as if its a gemstone.

Directions for use:
・Apply directly to lips.
・Wipe the tip off with a tissue and return to container, then close the lid tightly after use.
*Cracks may occasionally appear on the surface. This does not affect product quality.

Beauty essences:
・Chinese peony extract, Damascus rose extract, avocado oil (moisturizer)
*Chinese peony extract is Paeonia albiflora root extract, Damascus rose extract is Rosa damascena flower extract.


Made in Japan