Jill Stuart Flower Nail Oil

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Jill Stuart Flower Nail Oil   10ml

A nail care oil with a two-layer base that has been blended with flower essences to impart nails and cuticles with moisture, and make fingertips smooth. With a double moisturizing effect from oil and water. Nail oil that protects nails from dryness.

Product features:
・Nail oil blended with flower essences that goes on smoothly without feeling sticky. It imparts nails and cuticles with moisture to create hydrated, smooth fingertips.
・Features two layers: one is crystal clear with no hint of cloudiness, and the other clear pink with a translucence like droplets on flowers.
・Clear, fresh and sweet Pure Blooming Essence fragrance lifts you into a happy mood.

Beauty essences:
・Camelia oil, lavender oil, rose extract, peony extract, Madonna lily extract (moisturizer)
*Flower essences are lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil and rosa centifolia flower extract, camelia oil is camellia japonica seed oil, rose extract is rosa centifolia extract, peony extract is paeonia suffruticosa root extract, Madonna lily extract is lilium candidum bulb extract.

Directions for use:
・Shake well before use to mix the two layers.
・Apply a suitable amount to nails and fingertips, then massage in.
・After use, ensure cap is properly closed.
・Avoid storing in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
・Natural ingredients may cause the contents to become cloudy. This does not affect product quality.



Made in Japan