Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow

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Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow

Bring vivid color and refreshing luster to your lips.
A glow type oil rouge.


01 fortune strawberry  
Berry red, like strawberries that call forth good fortune (non-pearl) *Main color
02 grape pink  
Pink, like the dew on a grape (non-pearl)
03 candy apricot  
Cute coral, like an apricot (non-pearl)
04 loving cherry  
Pure pink, like a sweet cherry (non-pearl)
05 peach kiss  
Mature pink beige, like a ripe peach (non-pearl)
06 dearest plum  
Deep plum, alluring enough to captivate completely (non-pearl)
09 strawberry crepe 
Sweet pink as cute and sweet as a strawberry crepe (non pearl)
10 coral cherry 
Coral pink as lovely and sweet as a cherry ※Main color

Gives you the following finish:
Point 1
Light and refreshing luster
Formulated with “highly lustrous smooth oil,” a particularly lustrous light oil.
Smooth and light, non-sticky
and yet achieving a vivid and refreshing luster.

Point 2
Juicy, vivid, popping and yet translucent color
The sparkling, highly translucent “highly lustrous smooth oil”
allows the color pigments to pop so clearly,
providing translucent, juicy color.

Point 3
A moist film, like beauty-oil, retains moisture
Formulated with beauty oil essences obtained from fruit and highly moisturizing Vaseline.
Rouge so rich in moisture it could be a skin care product.

Product features:
・A liquid rouge that proves pure color, fresh gloss and moisturizing beauty oil all in a single product. Now this popular oil rouge sees the addition of a new glow type. Clear, rich color and luster that go well with any makeup provide smooth lips for the longest time, as though after a steam care treatment.
・Formulated with “highly lustrous smooth oil,” a particularly lustrous light oil. Smooth and light, it provides a refreshing luster that’s free from stickiness.
・Provides rich, vivid, popping color and translucency, like delicious fruit.
・Provided with a tip designed to pick up enough liquid to perform a complete application in a single stroke. Apply using both ends to enjoy an even glossier finish. Cut at a gentle angle, it fits perfectly with the angle of your lips and allows every contour of them to be covered with ease.
・Based in the concept of “rouge that brings you lips like fruit,” the design invokes freshly picked strawberries. The compact is of a size that can fit in the palm of your hand, increasing portability.
・The top of the cap is shaped like a strawberry flower and decorated with a “J” logo. It looks like a strawberry flower when viewed from above, too, with a delicate vertical bead motif and arabesque patterning. The bottom part is decorated with a bead motif that looks like it has been set in a ring.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Apply a suitable amount directly on the lips using the applicator tip supplied.

Made in Japan