Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Tint

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Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Tint 

Popular oil rouge now as a tint. This tint stains lips with plump and juicy color, like a forbidden fruit.  Just one product achieves a lightweight rich color with a glossy finish that lasts for hours, while keeping lips soft and hydrated with moisture-rich emollients.


Key Features:

  • Inspired by fresh ripe fruits, the product features a strawberry-like shape with a silvery pink lid. A light rose Swarovski crystal sparkles at the center, with a "J" embossed plaque crowning the top.
  • The doe-foot applicator is designed to pick up enough liquid to complete application in a single stroke.
  • Infused with Jill Stuart’s signature light floral scent— Crystal Floral Bouquet





Made in Japan