Jill Stuart Hair Care Kit

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Jill Stuart Hair Care Kit

This set includes: Jill Stuart Shampoo 50ml and Jill Stuart Conditioner 30ml



Envelop your hair and scalp in a sweet, fragrant lather.
Shampoo and conditioner that bring you lustrous hair.

Shampoo N Product features:
・A non-silicone, mild acid shampoo that leaves hair smooth and lustrous. Revitalized with a new fragrance and feeling of moisture.
・A soft lather envelops your entire scalp, including dirt, removing excess lipids and helping to keep your scalp healthy. Also recommended as scalp care.
・A carefully balanced formulation of mildly stimulating amino acid cleansers. Washes thoroughly while being gentle on your scalp.
・While beauty essences, including argane oil, supply moisture to your hair, mild acids suitably tighten your cuticles. This serves to return colored hair that has been shifted toward being alkaline back toward the original mild acidity of hair. Also prevents friction damage to your hair during rinsing out, providing a sleek and lustrous finish.
・Color care formulation that heightens the hold of hair color. Repairs damage caused by coloring your hair and also prevents the fading of color.
・Cuticle tightening agent, hair coating agent and color keeping CMC repair agent formulation.
・Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet.


How to use

・After thoroughly wetting your hair take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, work gently into a lather and then wash and subsequently rinse out of your hair.


Made in Japan