Jill Stuart Hand Cream

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Jill Stuart Hand Cream


Product features:
・Hand cream that contains highly moisturizing rose, orange and lavender honey, and richly moist star fruit, Madonna lily, peony and silk.
・Rich in shea butter, which itself contains a large volume of oleic acid, heightening penetration. Also rich in cholesterol derivatives, comprised of intercellular lipids, allowing for a comfortable feeling during use, blending with your skin while being neither too sticky nor too slippery.
・Highly water retentive oil envelops and holds in water, while highly emollient vaseline creates a smooth layer of protection on the surface of your skin. This completely protects the skin on your hands and nails, so often at risk from drying out, and maintains a feeling of lasting moisture.
・A design that takes translucent, pure white as its primary color. The label is scattered with a charming pattern of small flowers and highlights of the brand color, pink. Has a brilliant cut silver cap.
・Fragrance of aromatic white floral bouquet.

How to use:

・Spread an appropriate amount over hands.

Made in Japan