Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss

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Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss

Such luster and translucency, like applying the sparkle of gemstones to your lips. 
Wreath yourself in a new appeal that can be totally pure or totally sexy.

- Clear color and high translucency

A particularly clear oil has been selected, preventing cloudiness and bringing a clear, jewelry-like translucency.

- Rich luster, yet free from stickiness

A full and thick coat provides uniform coverage even across rough lips. Provides a plump and full luster,while turning the oil into a gel keeps it free from stickiness.

- Light and gentle sensation, spreading easily for a lustrous finish

A rich formulation of gel agents heightens thixotropy, creating a firm, highly lustrous, jelly-like coating once applied to your lips.

- Excellent moisturizing effects

Double formulation of refreshing oil that holds in moisture and oil that prevents moisture from escaping your lips. Keeps moisture locked in.



Made in Japan