Jill Stuart Lasting Tone-Up Base

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Jill Stuart Lasting Tone-Up Base




Softly enveloping to maintain the finish of the foundation.
Make up base that brings you bright skin, with no sign of pores or discoloration.


01 pure 
For pure skin with natural brightness and a flushed feeling.
02 translucent 
For bright skin with reduced areas of dullness.
03 fresh 
For pure skin with reduced areas of redness.

Product features:
・Spreads light and easily for increased translucency!
Fit Up Oil formulation allows for easy blending with the skin and smooth, light application. Also newly formulated with soft focus effect Tone Up Cover Powder, realizing a finish with powerful coverage from even a thin and translucent film.
・Increased makeup hold! For skin with no need to worry about shininess or slippage.
Formulated with alum. Highly astringent properties provide a smooth finish that lasts, while pore and lipid care elements powerfully absorb any excess lipids.
・Increased pore coverage! Gentle coverage that conceals any uneven patches.
Formulated with soft focus effect Tone-Up Cover Powder. Makes skin soft and bright, covering areas of concern such as pores or uneven patches.
・Highly moisturizing effect protects the skin from dying out.
An increase in water based moisturizers. While maintaining ease of spread and a comfortably smooth sensation, also increases the moisturizing properties.
・Blends smoothly into the skin, for a bright and one-tone finish.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Shake well up and down with the cap on before use.
・Take a suitable volume and spread evenly across your entire face.


Made in Japan