Jill Stuart Lip Glow Balm

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Jill Stuart Lip Glow Balm


Imbue lips with pleasant and refreshing moisture.
Lip balm that cares for roughness and chapping.

Product features:
・This lip balm goes on smoothly with a feeling of freshness, and leads to lips that are moist and soft. It wraps lips in moisture and a pleasantly refreshing sensation, and cares for roughness and chapping.
・Contains baby mint and ginger extracts that provide a pleasantly refreshing sensation and create plump, moisturized and alluring girlish lips.
・Includes beauty ingredients like honey, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil. Hydrating oil imbues lips with moisture while holding onto water, providing a strong moisturization effect.
・Contains paste oil that melts at body temperature and has a strong moisturizing effect. It goes on smoothly and comfortably with a soft touch. It holds in moisture with a lightweight layer that continues to retain moisture even over time.
・The container is designed to look like a gorgeous bouquet. The segment shaped like a bundled bouquet is accented with a Swarovski rhinestone, while a relief of four flowers blooms atop a secret mirror. The body features a relief of light pink and silver vertical stripes in a vintage-modern style.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.


Made in Japan