Jill Stuart Moist Silk Jelly Foundation

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Jill Stuart Moist Silk Jelly Foundation




・A new gel type foundation with a comfortable jelly texture. Rich in rose water. Highly emollient, it realizes a full and moisturized finish, as though you have just given your skin a full steam treatment.
・Coats the surface of your skin with a highly emollient veil that has a jelly-like luster, bringing you naturally radiant skin.
・The pore focus powder formulation prevents pores from standing out. Furthermore, light diffusion jelly effectively reflects light, naturally covering any uneven skin coloration.
・The fragrance of the rose water formulation enriches and relaxes your mood.
・Formulated with an oil that is highly resistant to water and oils. Resistant to sweat and lipids, maintaining a beautiful layer of makeup for extended periods of time.
・Using the Natural Up Creator sponge (sold separately) will allow for a natural finish to be achieved even more easily.
・The rounded shape of the bottle evokes the plump, full skin to which the product will lead you. A feminine design with a bead relief around the top.
・Comes with spatula.
・Mineral water and amino acid powder formulation.
・Fragrance of Crystal Rose Bouquet.

* Explanation of Design
The surface of the cap has an arabesque pattern that sparkles in the light.

Beauty Essences:
・Uses Rose Water (emollient)
・Rosemary Extract, Lavender Oil, Avocado Oil (emollient)

Made in Japan