Jill Stuart Natural Pure Oil

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Jill Stuart Natural Pure Oil



98% natural oil formulation.
When you feel concerns about dryness, or when you want to relax.
Multi-purpose beauty oil that you can use around your eyes and on your lips and fingertips.

◆~ The perfect balance of carefully selected natural oils ~
・A luxurious 98% blend of 12 types of natural oil (five base oils, seven emollient oils).
・Realizes easy blending into the skin.
Five carefully selected base oils are formulated in the perfect balance.
Realizes moisturized, lustrous skin, with a mellow sensation of use as though melting into the skin.
・Seven types of carefully selected oil that blend easily into your skin and have excellent emollient properties. They protect your skin from drying out while making it smooth, full and soft.
◆~ Anytime, anyplace, and anywhere you need it ~
・The small sized roll-on container fits easily into pockets, pouches or a small bag, making it super convenient for carrying around. The oil can be used not only on your face but any other areas where you are concerned about dryness, including your lips, hands, and nails. It is also suited to touching up makeup that has slipped due to drying out. 
・Aromatic Fruity Neroli Fragrance.

Directions for use:
・Use as required on areas where you are concerned about dryness.
・When using before applying makeup, or when using over the top of makeup, take a small volume on your fingertip and apply by tapping across the desired area.
・Wipe the mouth of the container clean after use.

Beauty essences:
Emollient agents
・ Argane oil (emollient)
・ Virgin coconut oil (emollient)
・ Sweet almond oil (emollient)
・ Apricot oil (emollient)
・ Peach kernel oil (emollient)
・Camellia Oil (emollient)
・ Rosehip oil (emollient) 

Made in Japan