Jill Stuart Oil Balm Stick

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Jill Stuart Oil Balm Stick

・An oil balm stick that spreads smoothly across even those areas that are prone to dryness or roughness, such as around the mouth and nose, or on your lips which are prone to peeling or unevenness, blending in naturally and providing complete moisture.
・Vaseline with its shielding effects, and almond oil and vegetable squalane with their emollient properties, prevent water evaporation and maintain moisture. Feels completely comfortable and yet maintains a moisturized feeling.
・Tested for safety on children’s skin. Can also be used by children.
* For ages 3 years and up.
・Contains no artificial colors.
・A white design with pink scallop pattern highlights, evocative of the product’s gentleness on your skin. One per box.
・Sweet cotton fragrance, which combines pure sweetness with a powdery feeling.

Directions for use:
・Use about 5mm of product.

Beauty essences:
emollient ingredients:
・Almond Oil, Vegetable Squalane

Made in Japan