Jill Stuart Pure Essence Cushion Compact

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Jill Stuart Pure Essence Cushion Compact

Innocent yet sexy skin that begins with a press of the cushion.
Luster and translucence that lasts for 15 hours*, with no need for additional skincare or a base.

** Comes with application puff



Product Features:
・Skincare and base makeup, all in one. For fully-hydrated, fresh and lustrous skin.
No need for a base or additional skin care. Offers the pleasant texture and moisturizing feel of skincare. Because it's formulated with moisturizing ingredients, including edelweiss extract, rosemary extract, lavender extract, and glycerin, it has a plumping and hydrating effect. Also contains emollient oil to protect the moisture of the skin and give an elegant, rich luster.
・Natural coverage effect, as if skin itself has become more beautiful.
Just a light tap with the sponge is enough to easily create an ultra-thin beautiful layer. Lasting coverage effect stays natural, without appearing too thick. High SPF value also thoroughly protects against daytime UV rays, giving skin a bright and translucent finish.
・Perfect skin, resistant to dryness, that lasts for 15 hours*
The coating compound holds in emollient oil and moisturizing ingredients, and adheres tightly to skin so it resists dryness and deterioration even over many hours. Because the foundation layer is extremely thin, movement of the face won't cause it to deteriorate. Also contains amino acid powder that has water-repelling properties, making it resistant to sweat. 
・A design based on white and silver. Features a casual droplet-shaped motif designed to evoke freshness. Decorated with classic arabesque patterns on the top and sides. A simple design perfect for sophisticated women.
・Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

Directions For Use:
・Take a small amount onto the puff and lightly tap to apply over entire face.
・Layer for extra coverage.


Made in Japan