Jill Stuart Stay True Gel Eyeliner

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Jill Stuart Stay True Gel Eyeliner

Keeping rich, just-applied lines.
Gel eyeliner that allows you to draw exactly as you desire.


・Gel eyeliner that allows for gentle application and completely free and detailed expression of the exactly the lines you desire. Waterproof and smear resistant, providing just-applied rich color and beautiful lines that last.
・Pigments that bring out rich depth provide excellent, popping color. Excellent skin coverage brings clear colors and elegant luster to your eyes.
・Formulated with many smooth oils, realizing easy and comfortable application.
・Waterproof and smudge proof. Resistance to smearing, sweat, water and tears, and stays in place even when you are highly active. Provides a beautiful, nuanced semi-matte finish that lasts.
・An easy to use extender type.
・The slim, black body is evocative of the slender lines it can draw, and is decorated with arabesque patterns, while the shape of the cap is designed to evoke the sparkling eyes it will bring you, like blooming flowers.


Made in Japan