Jill Stuart Treatment Hair Mist Curl

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Jill Stuart Treatment Hair Mist Curl



Product features:
・Contains Hydration Agent made from plant-derived oils and other ingredients, as well as Shiny Curl Agent. For subtle and light curls, while keeping your hair hydrated and smooth.
・Shiny Curl Agent realigns unruly cuticle surfaces and reflects light beautifully, leaving your hair looking as shiny as can be.
・Made with Heat Protect formulation. Hydration Agent and Hair-internal Damage Repair Agent protect your hair from internal damage, and Shiny Curl Agent coats cuticles, preventing the surface of your hair from damage. Protects hair from brittleness or dryness caused by hair irons.
・White Floral fragrance.

How to use:
・Hold bottle 10-15 cm away from your hair, and spray until it is wet. Dry, then curl with a straightener or curling iron.

Made in Japan