Jill Stuart Treatment Nail Essences

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Jill Stuart Treatment Nail Essences   10ml

Product features:

・Nail care oil that brings moisture to nails and cuticles, keeping your fingertips smooth and gorgeous.
・Uses oil that blends well into the skin. Highly permeable, lightly blending in without stickiness.
・Supplying sufficient oil content to cuticles and nails brings smoothness to your fingertips, protecting them from the trouble caused by dryness.
・An easy to use brush shape.
・A refined and elegant design that feels very mature. (Uses a Swarovski rhinestone)
Inside the bottle there is a rose colored Swarovski crystal.
・Fragrance of crystal floral bouquet.

Beauty essences:

・Peach kernel oil (emollient)
Rosemary extract, Lavender oil, Avocado oil (moisturizers)

Made in Japan