Jill Stuart Tuberose & Rose Fabric Fragrance

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Jill Stuart Tuberose & Rose Fabric Fragrance


Product features:
・Fabric fragrance where you can enjoy the romantic tuberose and rose scent by spraying clothing and bedclothes. It can be used widely from curtains to cloth lining of bags.
・In the clean and modern impression of JILL STUART RELAX, a romantic design scattered with flowers, such as roses, based on pink. It is a spray type and at the neck of the cap with a motif suggestive of diamonds, a scented white ribbon charm is attached.
・Flagrance of tuberose & rose.

How to use:

Rotate the knob at the base of the handle by 90 degrees to release the lock. Then spray an adequate amount at a distance from 20 to 30 cm from the object.

Made in Japan