Panasonic Electric Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE 45-P (Pink)

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Panasonic Electric Toothbrush Doltz EW-DE 45-P (Pink)

Size: Approximately Height 23.5 × Width 2.8 × Length 3.3 cm (Including Brush)

Warranty period: 12 months

Accessories: dense microfine brush for ions, stain off brush, stain off attachment, stain clean paste (trade name: dolphin climbing CP), charging stand, mobile case, brush stand, AC adapter

Waterproof design: IPX 7 The main body has cleared the IPX 7 standard inspection

For overseas use: AC 100 ~ 240 V * When using overseas, please purchase the plug adapter separately according to the country and region

Body: Made in Japan

Charger: Made in China

Body Weight (kg): 0.105


It plucks out the causative bacteria of periodontal disease hidden in the periodontal pocket. W's stain care. In about two weeks to a natural white tooth.

  Remove the causative bacteria of periodontal disease hidden in the periodontal pocket

· Dense brush for dense ion for corners


To increase the amount of hair that enters the periodontal pocket, a very fine hair brush of about 0.02 mm fine densely flocked is scratched firmly.

· Dental hygienist recommendation Horizontal polish

Reproduce the side polish suitable for periodontal pocket care and peel the plaque.

· Linear sound wave vibration of about 31000 brush strokes per minute

With hands that are difficult to reproduce fine gently delicate periodontal pockets with high-speed sound wave vibration, polish to the

· Ion

By brushing the ion panel in the main body, weak electric current flows through the brush into the oral cavity through the ions in the saliva.


Power control function

Firmly polished, gentle to teeth and gums. (Normal mode only)


Mode storage function

The mode last used is memorized, and next time it starts from that mode.


Quick charge for 2 minutes

You can polish once (about 2 minutes) with charging for 2 minutes. In addition, full charge is possible in 1 hour.


W Stain Care

Colored dirt can be removed with the attached stain off brush and stain off attachment.



· Travel Case

· Stain off brush (stain): Daily stain care.

· AC adapter

· Charging stand

· Concentrated microfine brush for ion 

· Stain off brush (stain): Daily stain care.

· Stain off attachment + Stain clean paste (Stain intensive care): Intensive care every 2 weeks.


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