RMK Skintuner Cooling Gel

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RMK Skintuner Cooling Gel



A moisturizer perfect for summer skin that pleasantly conditions with its cooling gel. From the moment of application its densely concentrated gel melts onto the skin, transforming into a liquid that is quickly absorbed*1. Cooling and soothing, this textured gel firms up the skin for a smooth finish while moisturizing in-depth. Every time you use it, you’ll not be able to resist taking deep breaths of its spicy powdery scent. It helps you get on with your day even in the heat of summer.

- Dispense 4 pumps onto your palms or cotton pad and apply over the entire face. (Repeat several times when using your hands)
- Gently wrap and push into your face with palms for deeper penetration.

Miracle Fruit Extract *2 (Moisturizing)
Job’s Tears Seed Extract (Moisturizing)
Hibiscus Extract (Refining and Moisturizing)
Fermented Pear Extract (Moisturizing)
Citrus Aurantium Peel Extract *3 (Moisturizing)
Bilberry Leaf Extract (Moisturizing)

*1 to the outermost layer of the Epidermis
*2 Synsepalum Dulcificum Fruit Extract
*3 Bitter Orange Peel Extract


Made in Japan