Sekkisei Eye Cream N

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Sekkisei Eye Cream N


For modern eyes under increased stress.
An eye cream that works comprehensively on every cause of dull eyes, and leaves them snow-white and translucent.

Product Features

  • An eye cream with concentrated oriental herbal extracts for translucent and bright eyes.
  • Contains fermented coix seed extract to eliminate dull spots caused by dryness.
  • Contains generous amounts of ingredients that help retain moisture. Supports hydration of the skin as it experiences changes through aging, and fills every corner of the skin's grain with elasticity.
  • The smooth texture spreads easily on the delicate skin around eyes, creating a plump and resilient appearance as if from deep within the epidermis.
  • A soft, modern floral fragrance common to the Sekkisei series.

Made in Japan