SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence

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SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence

An Aura Essence with Aura Complex and Pitera, it reduces the look of your skin's hidden and visible spots to reveal a brighter aura glow. With a new, specially designed auto-fill dropper, one full drop will provide the optimal dosage for best results.

Powering the GenOptics Aura Essence is SK-II's unique infusion of Pitera and Prunus extract. This powerful formula is packed with anti-oxidants, humectants, vitamins, and minerals that tackles age spots to reveal a brighter aura glow. After 8 weeks of continuous usage, users of SK-II s new GenOptics Aura Essence saw visible improvement in skin tone and a significant reduction in the look of age spots and cloudiness.*

*Based on P&G Study #CT14-030 among 56 Japanese females aged 20-55 in Oct-Dec 2014, Japan


This lightweight, milky essence spreads easily and can be quickly absorbed by skin.


How to use

How to use: Pump the dropper once into the palm of your hand to get the optimal dosage for one-time use. Smooth evenly over face. Apply extra essence on concerned areas.

** All our SK-II products are Japanese version


Made in Japan