THREE Hand & Arm Wash AC

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THREE Hand & Arm Wash AC 250 ml

98% naturally derived ingredients

The excellent cleansing power of this liquid soap with 98% naturally-derived ingredients ensures that you can rely on it in routine hand-washing, the first step that one can take in caring for one’s own health.
It foams up quickly, cleansing from your fingertips to your elbows, while also removing old, hard skin cells.
Its superior rinsability ensures that it washes away quickly, leaving your hands and arms well-moisturized and supple.
Massaging your hands and arms as you wash them will also help to boost circulation.

Main moisturizing & emollient agents
<Essential oils>
Orange peel oil / Tea tree oil / Frankincense oil / Eucalyptus radiata oil

<Botanical oils>
Argan oil / Tea seed oil / Jojoba oil / Borage oil / Yuzu seed oil

<Botanical and mineral water>
Prunus mume fruit water / Hot spring water

<Botanical extract>
Golden oyster mushroom extract

Made in Japan.