THREE Life Style Gift

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THREE Life Style Gift


This set includes

THREE Rhythm Beauty Cold Pressed Blended Oil x 1 bottle (180 tablets)

THREE Tote Bag GY M x 1 

THREE Original Hand Towel x 1


THREE Rhythm Beauty Cold Pressed Blended Oil

The point is the uptake before sleep.


Nighttime supplement rich in sources of beauty and health.


This supplement contains blended oils: olive oil, which is the king of botanical oils, and flax seed oil and Inca Inchi oil, which are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids and vitamins. Good quality ingredients ensure the effective maintenance of the body and mind during sleep. The golden trio of botanical oils is recommended to supplement nutrients for golden sleep.




Recommended to be taken with dinner. The suggested dose is six capsules per day. Take with water.


Capsulated ingredients: olive oil, flax seed oil, Inca Inchi oil, and botanical oil containing vitamin E (derived from soybean)
Ingredients of capsule coating film: starch (derived from corn), carrageenan (derived from seaweed), and glycerin (derived from palm)

Nutrition component indication per capsule (471mg)
Energy 3.25 kcal
Protein 0g
Lipid 0.29g
Carbohydrate 0.15g
Sodium 1.45mg

Made in Japan