THREE Summer Body Care Gift

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THREE Summer Body Care Gift


This set includes 

THREE Balancing Body UV Protector 80ml x 1 tube

THREE Full Body Wash AC 300ml x 1 bottle

THREE Full Body Emulsion AC R 150ml x 1 bottle



THREE Balancing Body UV Protector

Free from UV absorbent
Powerful defense to protect your body against a barrage of stressors.
As you welcome summer, you tend to dress lightly, leaving your arms and legs unprotected. THREE’s first body protector shields these parts from environmental stressors without any gap.
With superior defense and non-stickiness, this protector leaves you with a wonderfully smooth finishing.
Spread smoothly and evenly with a firm fit, the protector guards you with a reliable defensive veil.
Blended with essential oils blossoming with the aroma of oriental tranquility.


How to use
Put a suitable amount perpendicular to the direction of application. Apply and spread the product.


-Start from your left hand and then right.
-Start from your left leg and then right.



THREE Full Body Wash AC 

The finely-textured foam created by this liquid body soap features a refreshing, natural scent with a cooling sensation that rises up around you in abundance.

Based on the idea that body care starts with washing, we sought to create a product with invigorating cleansing power.

Using a towel or sponge made from natural materials to work up a fluffy foam as you wash will leave your skin soft and smooth, even in places where hard, rough deposits tend to accumulate, such as your elbows, knees, and heels.

Massaging from the tips of your toes as you wash will also help to boost circulation throughout your body.


THREE Full Body Emulsion AC R 

This body emulsion adds firmness and elasticity by readily penetrating into the skin with a fresh texture. This emulsion contains a blend of five different essential oils, including grapefruit peel oil.

Apply liberally on body parts of concern, such as the shoulders, back, hips and thighs, in a massaging motion to stimulate circulation. The body becomes moisturized and toned.

How to use
Apply on clean skin after taking a bath. (Treatment becomes more effective when the skin is warm as it absorbs the emulsion better.) Take an adequate amount of emulsion (2 to 4 pumps), warm it up between your palms and apply it on the body, starting with the legs, farthest away from the heart, in a massaging motion. Spread it evenly on the entire body.


Made in Japan