YA-MAN Cavi Spa RF Core EX

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YA-MAN Cavi Spa RF Core EX

This beauty device is equipped with RF (radio frequency), ultrasonic cavitation, and EMS functions, with a waterproof body. The head of the device uses a unique Circle RF technology to quickly and deeply warm the body's tissues. The mix of low- and medium-frequency EM waves helps give you the body you want. The bust mode helps enhance the bosom, for more firmness and volume. 

  • A home use body slimming & breast enhancement device with combination of RF, Ultrasonic cavitation and EMS

  • Bust mode: stimulates fibroblast and increases collagen by RF, firms breast muscles and to raise sagging breasts

  • Body mode: reduces fat and cellulite with RF and Caviation technology

  • Muscle Training mode: firms and trains muscles with EMS for more toned and shaped body line

  • 1MHz RF with unique circle RF technology for efficient deep warming

  • EMS toning

  • 330kHz ultrasonic that reaches deep under skin and provides cavitation treatment

  • 3 intensity levels for RF and 6 intensity levels for EMS

  • IPX7 waterproof, can be used in bath





Made in Japan